Guidance and consultancy of senior citizens' homes

Nice to meet you: DAFNA GOLDEN ROADS
Who am I ? : My name is DAFNA MOR
I am a consultant in the field of guidance and consultancy of senior citizens' homes . I have experience in coordinating facilities for the elderly who are:
Independent, In the need of help in daily tasks, Disabled, have cognitive problems such as Alzheimer's and other medical conditions.

What is the process? 

Introductory meeting – ( at home or in the hospital) finding out the needs of the elderly and initial guidance and consultation .
A tour in the company car of the senior citizens' homes by definition of geography, medical definitions and financial abilities.
Help in implementing rights in government offices such as (social security, welfare and dept. of health).
Summarizing the tour and help choosing the right solution.
Help in the transition process of the elderly to the chosen facility.
Keeping in touch with the elderly and the family and receiving satisfaction feedback.
The services are provided free!!!

What are the suggested solutions ?

Immediate solutions within 24 hrs


Updated database of senior citizens' homes.
Protected accommodation for independent citizens'.
Recovery and recuperation centers .
Referral to personnel companies for foreign workers.
Round the clock employees.
Part time employees.
Israeli employees.
Caretakers for hostels and group homes.
Don't stay alone – contact DAFNA GOLDEN ROADS we are here to help.


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